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Our fresh roasted coffee

Green Bean coffee roasters only buy and roast 100% Arabica coffee beans due to generally being superior in flavour to Robusta beans.

Once we receive an order from one of our customers we will freshly roast their order individually. This way our customers get a top quality product and they know the beans will always be fresh and tasty. We recommend that you use our freshly roasted beans within 30 days of roasting In order to enjoy them at their best.

After 30 days the coffee beans will have a noticeably less fragrant aroma due to staling and the coffee produced will taste bland. Many large commercial roasters give Best Before dates of many months and in some cases up to a year or more meaning that much shop bought coffee is stale before it ever reaches the shelves.

Bagging beans as soon as possible after roasting and cooling is absolutely essential in preserving the fresh beans! All our beans are packaged in heat sealed Kraft bags with one way de-gassing valves, so the co2 produced by the beans can escape ( giving that fresh coffee aroma) whilst keeping air away from the beans.

We buy high quality ethically sourced green beans from speciality coffee importers so that we know where are beans are sourced from and that the farmers and producers are getting paid fairly for the beans that we buy.

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