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About Green Bean Coffee Roasters

Here at Green Bean we buy top quality, ethically sourced green beans from around the world and hand roast them to perfection in small batches.

The Roastary

Our new roastery is in Pitt, between Hursley and Winchester. It is a compact roastery containing everything that we need to select, test and roast our beans before weighing, bagging and labelling.

We have been inspected by Hampshire County Council and have been given the highest  hygiene rating of 5. which we are incredibly proud of.

We have recently installed a brand new Roastmax roaster, capable of roasting 15Kg of Green beans at a time. This is now fully operational and we have roasted and sampled several single origin beans, all with great results.



The most amazing thing about coffee is the diverse range of tastes and flavours that beans from different countries and regions can produce. From Africa, Indonesia to North, central and south America. coffee grows in these warm fertile countries around the equator and the tropics.

Ethiopia, (often hailed as the birth place of Arabica coffee) produces beans with distinct elegant floral, and citrus notes while El Salvador beans produce coffee that is sweet and creamy with notes of chocolate and caramel. Everybody's taste is different and choosing your coffee is just like choosing a good wine , you have to try a few before you decide what you prefer.

Our Story

I vividly remember -as a child- walking down Winchester high street with my parents and smelling the aroma of freshly ground coffee wafting out of a shop doorway and thinking what a wonderful smell it was. My father always drank coffee however, due to the cost of whole beans he, like the majority of coffee drinkers in the UK- drank instant and it was awful!

Over the years, during trips throughout Europe, America, Japan and New Zealand, it became obvious to me that the quality of their coffee is so much better than the mediocre beverage that is served up in the majority of UK coffee shops.

But why is this?

Most of the coffee in UK shops is mass produced by large commercial roasters who are not concerned about producing quality coffee but about selling huge volumes of commercial grade coffee for vast profits. Over the last 30 years I have been drinking "real coffee" The same over roasted, stale coffee as most other coffee drinkers in the UK. because that was what was available.

Well times are changing!

People are becoming more aware that there is far better coffee to be had than that in the supermarket or the big chain coffee shops. Artisan coffee is becoming more popular and the general public are demanding more than just an average cup of coffee. More and more independent coffee shops are appearing in our towns and villages and the owners know that the public are becoming more aware of the quality of the product that they are providing. The only way to keep customers coming back and to generate new business is to serve consistently amazing coffee every time.

Here at Green Bean we buy top quality, ethically sourced green beans from around the world and hand roast them to perfection in small batches. By doing this we guarantee that our roasted beans are fresh, aromatic and taste amazing. In the UK there are now around 340 coffee roasters of different sizes, some like, Green Bean are classed as "micro roasters" and are roasting some of the finest quality beans from around the world.

So why are our coffee beans so much better that the larger roasters?

  • Because we are passionate about producing the best quality coffee for everyone that drinks our product. (We drink it!) 
  • We hand roast all our beans, we don't use computers to do it for us. (Where's the FUN in that!)
  • We enjoy everything that we do, roasting, weighing, bagging, labelling and of course sampling!
  • Because we want our customers to keep coming back we give them the finest coffee every time!

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